Resources for KYC API

Content of this guide

We offer the following technical resources for the KYC API.

KYC API – v2

Section Description
One-pagers A collection of fact sheets for all the KYC API endpoints in PDF format.
Datapoint overview The dataset datapoint file of KYC API v2 in PDF format.
OpenAPI descriptor Description of KYC API v2 in the openAPI (formerly swagger) format, version 3.0.
Please note that our KYC API v2 console function in Developer Portal is based on this very same descriptor.
Sandbox companies Download the list of sandbox companies in PDF.
Postman collection We offer a pre-configured collection that easily can be imported to the Postman API platform tool.
By simply obtaining a sandbox key, you gain the capability to experiment all our available endpoints.
Hello World script A typical use case for KYC API has been implemented with this downloadable script. It just requires a sandbox key and it demonstrates the flow of the identification and verification of a company. It is currently available in Python.
Client SDKs generator A tool to generate client SDKs, server stubs, and API documentation from an OpenAPI Specification.

KYC API – old version

Section Description
OpenAPI (formerly swagger) Download the JSON description (swagger) for the old KYC API.
Sandbox companies Download the list of sandbox companies in PDF.
Data endpoints Download the data endpoint file in PDF for the old version of KYC API.
API technical guides Download the overall PDF guides for the old version of KYC API extracted from Developer Portal.
Use case flowcharts Download a set of use case flowcharts.

Further documents are available on demand, in case of interest please contact