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Welcome to KYC API developer portal guides
Under the Guides menu, you can find reference materials to help you use and integrate our services to your existing system.

Section Description
Get started This section will help you call one of the KYC API endpoints for the first time. Here you can find how to authenticate and retrieve the first responses from our services.
Use cases In this section you can read about most regular KYC processes and flows.
Working with endpoints Be familiar with our endpoints in detail. Learn everything you need to know to perform programmatically various actions with them.
References Everything beyond the endpoint specific details that you may need to know when using our API services.
Working with old APIs In this section you can check our previous endpoints (v1) details.

In the Resources section you can reach further information that helps you to work and plan your work with KYC API.

Section Description
Pricelist The price-lists of API related services can be accessed by this section.
Documentation Despite we are maintaining the Guides section in Developer Portal, we also provide different customer-facing documents to be downloaded in PDF format. In this section, we will cover the new and old OpenAPI description (formerly swagger – an open-source toolset for API documentation), Postman collection and a “Hello World” script use case in Python.
Country coverage In this section you can get documents that gives you an exact list of covered countries.
Regulatory compliance To understand what are the latest updated in compliance regulations, please read the materials from our specialists in the field.

Try it out! Just a few clicks and you can test our services in the API Reference section. However in the entire Guides section we are using direct links to specific endpoints in question. For instance you can directly go to the index search endpoint.