We will terminate KYC API v1 and end its support on December 31, 2024

As we continue to evolve and improve, we will be terminating KYC API v1 and ending its support. 

Key Details

  • End of Support Date: September 1st 2024 
  • Termination Date: December 31st 2024 
  • Affected Services: 
    • All services and features associated with KYC API v1 
    • The brex.io domain 

Why is this change happening?

Our commitment to delivering advanced and efficient services drives us to focus on continuous improvement of our API product. KYC API v2 is designed to offer enhanced features, additional coverage and sources, stronger security, and superior performance, reflecting our dedication to quality and innovation. 

Why is KYC API v2 beneficial? 

KYC API v2 introduces enhanced features and expanded coverage, streamlining client-side workflows. With ASYNC methods, the new enhanced dataset, upgraded processes, your interaction with our API is smoother and more predictable. 

KYC API v2 presents a refined interface with simplified endpoint complexity, superior standardization, and high-quality documentation. Transitioning to KYC API v2 is an essential move for optimizing your processes and maximizing your coverage. More on the benefits can be found here

Impact of Support Ending

This includes the discontinuation of updates, bug fixes, and customer support for KYC API v1. With the termination of KYC API v1, this version will no longer be operational after the specified date.  

Support and Resources for Transition

We are fully committed to making this transition smooth and seamless for you. Our resources include: 

• A comprehensive documentation of our new KYC API v2 

• A dedicated support team for migration assistance 

Next Steps

We strongly recommend initiating your migration to KYC API v2 at your earliest convenience. Our support team is ready to assist you with any questions or guidance you may need and is available for migration assistance you might need. You can reach us at support_kompany@moodys.com