The benefits of using KYC API v2

KYC API v2 brings a lots of enhancements that will significantly improve your experience and efficiency.

To put it simply, here’s why KYC API v2 is better than v1

  • The new version lets you use ASYNC methods with datasets, giving you a better handle on your data processing tasks.
  • We’ve also added more customization options for the monitor service, so you have more control and flexibility.
  • We’ve made our endpoints simpler, in line with API standards, and made our parameters and response structures more consistent.
  • Plus, we’ve updated our documentation, so you have the most accurate and current information at your fingertips.
  • We’ve greatly improved our coverage with upgraded data for many countries, smarter GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation) endpoints, and new connections. Plus, we’ve started providing shareholder information as structured data in our enhanced dataset for several countries where such information was only available in PDF before.
With more consistent responses, your interaction with our API will be easier and more predictable. These enhancements make switching to KYC API v2 not just useful, but crucial for boosting your processes, expanding your coverage, and ensuring a smoother interaction with our API.

Highlights of KYC API v2 on more detailed level

Functional upgrades
  • Support of ASYNC method for datasets.
  • New enhanced dataset.
  • Upgraded order and monitor processes.
  • Advanced customization for monitor service.
  • Non-functional features
  • Reduced complexity on endpoint level, better alignment with API standards.
  • Higher level of standardization for parameters and response structures.
  • Upgraded consistency in responses.
  • Upgraded quality of documentation (developer portal), up to date and accurate open API documentation (swagger).
  • Coverage highlights
  • Upgraded data for Italy (IT), as well as availability of the Register Report in Italian and English.
  • Smarter GLEIF (LEI search) endpoints.
  • Upgraded UBOR mapping for: France (FR), Latvia (LV), Poland (PL), Czech Republic (CZ), United Kingdom (UK), Denmark (DK).
  • New connection for United States (US) to EDGAR.
  • New connection for Great Britain (UK) to Charity Commission for England and Wales.
  • Coverage for Indonesia (ID).
  • Shareholder information as structured data as part of the enhanced dataset, (extracted from pdf documents for multiple countries, like LU, UK, HU, IT, IE, SI, HK, RU).
  • Refresh dataset for Croatia (HR).
  • Enhanced dataset for Romania (RO).
  • New connection to UBO Registries: Estonia (EE).
  • For Singapore (SG) address and nationality of stakeholders is available in the enhanced dataset.
  • Useful links

    Console: Try the KYC API v2.

    What is KYC API: This is a quick tour of our API’s endpoints, giving you a clear picture of what each one does.

    Working with endpoints: This guide dives deeper into how our endpoints function, helping you understand how to make the most of them.

    Documentation: Here you’ll find a collection of resources that will help you understand KYC API v2 and v1 better.

    Comparison on refresh response between KYC API v1 and v2: This is a side-by-side look at how the refresh response has changed from KYC API v1 to v2, highlighting the improvements we’ve made.

    If you would like to provide us with feedback or you have a question related to KYCAPI v2, contact us here: