We’ve upgraded our Latvian connection

We have released several improvements to our Latvian connection. The most notable enhancement includes an increase in the amount of free data (in which there are no government fees applied) that can now be accessed via the refresh dataset. No changes have been applied in respect to how the name and number searches work. Please note that we no longer offer a superdata set for Latvian companies.

The price and the SKUs for two of the documents have changed as well: Annual Accounts (new SKU: ADDAARELV) & Articles of Association (new SKU: ADDASRELV) have now 0 government fees.

The data about the companies contains various datapoints, including registeredAddress, also in a formatted way, legalForm, providedStatus, as well as full details on officers and shareholders.

Sample response for refresh dataset, for a live company:

    "id": "{kompanyId}",
    "country": "LV",
    "registrationNumber": "40003874155",
    "name": "\"GORILLA PRODUCTIONS\" SIA",
    "status": "LIVE",
    "address": [
        "Vangažu iela 28 – 49, Rīga, LV-1024"
    "formattedAddress": {
        "city": "Rīga",
        "zip": "LV-1024",
        "street": "Vangažu iela",
        "number": "28",
        "extra": "49 ",
        "cc": "LV"
    "managingDirectors": [],
    "secretaries": [],
    "dateOfIncorporation": "2006-11-14",
    "legalForm": "Limited Liability Company",
    "sicNaceCodes": [
        "541810 - Advertising Agencies",
        "459999 - All Other Miscellaneous Retailers",
        "1546 - Direct Selling",
        "73110000 - Advertising agencies",
        "59630000 - Direct selling establishments"
    "extraData": {
        "providedStatus": "REGISTERED",
        "registrationInstitution": "Commercial Register",
        "otherName": "GORILLA PRODUCTIONS"
    "requestTime": 1666882508,
    "lastUpdate": 1666882504,
    "typeOfOwnership": [],
    "people": {
        "shareholder": [
                "name": "Avotiņa Liene",
                "percentage": "100.0",
                "isCorporate": "0",
                "shareCurrency": "EUR",
                "shareNumber": "100.0"
        "officer": [
                "name": "Avotiņa Liene",
                "position": "Member of the Board",
                "role": "Member of the Board",
                "startDate": "2009-12-01",
                "isCorporate": "0"
    "officialNumber": [
    "mainSourceName": "Register of Enterprises (Latvijas Republikas Uznemumu registrs)",

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