Upcoming Enhancements to Dutch Register Connection

As part of forthcoming enhancements to our connection with the Dutch register, KvK Kamer van Koophandel, it is our pleasure to share these updates with you.

Currently, Dutch companies can be registered with multiple entries for the same entity, including Headquarters (Hoofdvestigingen), Legal Person (Rechtspersonen), and Branches (Nevenvestigingen). All these share a common registration number, known as the KVK number. However, it’s essential to note that not all companies have all three entries, as the legal landscape allows for diverse organizational structures.

For instance, legal types such as sole trader (eenmanszaak), general partnership (vennootschap onder firma (vof)), partnership (maatschap), limited partnership (commanditaire vennootschap), and shipping company (rederij) do not have Rechtspersonen entries. Conversely, legal types like foundation (stichting) and association (vereniging) have only Rechtspersonen entries.

To distinguish between the Headquarter and Rechtsperson entries in the past, we introduced a “P” prefix to the KVK number.

However, in our commitment to providing you with a more intuitive and comprehensive experience, we will be removing the “P” prefix from KVK numbers associated with Rechtsperson entries. Moving forward, you will have access to all company data without the need to focus specifically on distinguishing between the Headquarter and Legal Person.

As we implement these enhancements, we kindly request you to check whether you need to make any adjustments on your end to accommodate this change. Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated and will ensure a smooth transition.

These enhancements are designed to simplify your interaction with Dutch company registrations and ensure a seamless experience. We believe these changes will contribute to a more user-friendly and efficient process.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, our dedicated support team is here to assist.