UBO discovery – new updates

As previously announced, we have been working on a whole set of improvements for our UBO discovery product and we are proud to announce the release of the following new features.

New integrations

  • Latvia – new country supported in UBO discovery, making this our 25th connection;
  • We are now supporting shareholder discovery for nine additional legal forms;


  • UBO discovery JSON upgrade – we have extended the data attribute for an even more comprehensive overview of the live data used during the UBO discovery order;
  • Dead – end hierarchy – we have introduced a hierarchy for multiple dead-end cases, based on the highest business significance;
  • UBO discovery Report expiration – we have limited the availability of the Discovery Report to 90 days, thus making sure the data does not become outdated; an appropriate message will be displayed to highlight the expiration;
  • Monitoring in UBO discovery – our Monitoring service is now included in UBO discovery for some jurisdictions and it can be used to alert on key changes for discovered nodes during your order. Please contact your Relationship Manager for more details on activating this feature;
  • Thresholds in Generate Ownership tree – you can now customize your own Ultimate Beneficial Owner ownership criteria, which will be reflected in the UBO tree and UBO discovery Report (now also for the web users, on kompany.com);
  • Hong Kong and Ireland source data – we have improved the extraction quality of live source data, resulting in significant improvement of the depth of the UBO search results in every UBO discovery order.