The connection with Receita Federal do Brasil (BR) is live again!

We are pleased to announce that the connection with Receita Federal do Brasil (Federal Revenue of Brazil) has been re-established and it is now possible to request refresh datasets again. This new connection is more stable and faster than the previous one and now includes shareholder data. However, it is no longer possible to request documents.

Number searches (using CNPJ numbers) are carried out directly with the provider and name searches are based on bulk files also supplied by the provider and updated monthly.

Refresh sample

curl --location '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'user_key: {secret}' \
--data '{
    "kompanyId": "{kompanyId}",
    "datasetOptions": null


    "datasetId": "{datasetId}",
    "kompanyId": "{kompanyId}",
    "datasetName": "refresh",
    "datasetOptions": null,
    "info": null,
    "status": "COMPLETED",
    "requestTime": "2024-04-02T07:10:26+00:00",
    "responseTime": "2024-04-02T07:10:29+00:00",
    "estimatedDeliverySeconds": 0,
    "content": {
        "kompanyId": "E1D321027D53D738E97F885CC83254C9",
        "countryCode": "BR",
        "countryName": "Brazil",
        "registrationNumber": "42591651000143",
        "status": "LIVE",
        "providedStatus": "Nula",
        "address": "06454070, ALAMEDA AMAZONAS, 253, ALPHAVILLE INDUSTRIAL, SP",
        "legalForm": "Sociedade Anônima Fechada",
        "additionalData": {
            "otherIdentifiers": [
                    "identifierName": "localNumber",
                    "identifierValue": "42591651000143"
            "contactInformation": {
                "formattedAddress": {
                    "county": "ALPHAVILLE INDUSTRIAL",
                    "zip": "06454070",
                    "street": "ALAMEDA AMAZONAS",
                    "number": "253",
                    "state": "SP"
            "shares": {
                "shareCapitals": "44278893300"
            "legalEvents": {
                "incorporationDate": "1977-01-17"
        "associatedEntities": {
            "shareholders": [
                    "name": "ROGERIO DE MORAES BARREIRA",
                    "registrationNumber": "09217557838",
                    "role": "shareholder",
                    "providedRole": "Presidente",
                    "isCorporate": false
                    "name": "DORIVAL PEREIRA DE OLIVEIRA JUNIOR",
                    "registrationNumber": "04976847802",
                    "role": "shareholder",
                    "providedRole": "Diretor",
                    "isCorporate": false
            "officers": []
        "industryActivityCode": {
            "activity": "Lanchonetes, casas de chá, de sucos e similares, Comércio varejista de brinquedos e artigos recreativos, Restaurantes e similares, Gestão de ativos intangíveis não-financeiros, Serviços combinados de escritório e apoio administrativo",
            "activityCodes": [
                "5611203, 4763601, 5611201, 7740300, 8211300"
        "providerSpecificData": {
            "latestAccounts": {
                "overdue": false
        "sources": [
                "name": "Federal Revenue of Brazil (Receita Federal do Brasil)",
                "info": null,
                "primary": true,
                "fields": [
                "lastCheckedTime": null
        "version": "company-v2.0"

If you would like to provide us with feedback or you have a question related to this connection, contact us here: