Latest UBO discovery coverage advancements!

We are thrilled to announce our latest advancements in shareholder identification. We have broadened our UBO discovery coverage to reach Thailand and expand Slovenia legal form coverage. With continuous coverage expansion, we demonstrate our commitment to serve your evolving needs better.

Thailand is our 28th UBO discovery jurisdiction

As part of this integration, the following legal form is now available to be discovered:

  • Ordinary Partnership – a legal form of business organization where two or more individuals or entities come together to jointly operate a business.In Thailand it is suitable for small, closely held businesses or partnerships between family members or friends

Sole proprietorships are now available for Slovenia

We have expanded the UBO discovery coverage for Slovenia with one more legal form:

  • Samostojni podjetnik posameznik s.p. – refers to a sole proprietorship, which is a legal form of business organization where an individual operates a business on their own, without the need for partners or a separate legal entity

The UBO discovery coverage of all integrated jurisdictions and legal forms can be found in the UBO discovery coverage section.