We’ve upgraded our Luxembourg (LU) connection!

We’ve upgraded our live connection for Luxembourg (LU): from now we connect directly to the Luxembourg Business Registers (Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés).

With this change the below functions have been upgraded:

  • on kompany web
    • Live search by name
    • Refresh for company page
  • on API
    • Live search (by name and number)
    • Refresh

The main benefit of the change that from now we are able to provide the status of the company. If the status field shows CLOSEDthen an extra field can also be excpected the in the extraData.providedStatus field.

The pdf documents were not affected by the change.

Sample response for refresh dataset, for a closed company:

    "id": "{kompanyId}",
    "country": "LU",
    "registrationNumber": "B59136",
    "name": "BLUEBRIDGE S.à r.l.",
    "status": "CLOSED",
    "address": [
        "54, Op Zaemer L - 4959 Bascharage"
    "formattedAddress": null,
    "managingDirectors": [],
    "secretaries": [],
    "dateOfIncorporation": "1997-05-22",
    "legalForm": "Société à responsabilité limitée",
    "sicNaceCodes": [
        "46.410 Commerce de gros de textiles"
    "extraData": {
        "providedStatus": "en faillite clôturée",
        "otherName": "BLUEBRIDGE S.à r.l."
    "requestTime": 1659532136,
    "lastUpdate": 0,
    "typeOfOwnership": [],
    "officialNumber": [
    "mainSourceName": "Luxembourg Business Registers – RCS Trade and Company register",
    "proofId": "{proofId}"