Updates regarding Registration Date and Incorporation Date (Austria & Sweden)

We are updating our mapping structure to cover two main legal events for an entity: Incorporation Date and Registration Date. The change will come into effect by mid February and it will be visible for Austria (the data values might change) and for Sweden (new datapoint in the refresh and superdatasets).

For Austria

The dateOfIncorporation will contain the following values: “Gesellschaftsvertrag vom” OR “Genossenschaftsvertrag vom” OR “Stiftungsurkunde vom” OR “Satzung vom” OR “Erklärung über die Errichtung der Gesellschaft vom” OR “Umwandlungsvertrag vom”, depending on the entity’s legal form;

The extraData.registrationDate will be mapped with “eingetragen am” OR with the “Ersteintragung am”, as present in the register extract document.

For Sweden

The extraData.registrationDate will be mapped with “Registreringsdatum” and will be present in both refresh and super datasets.

The dateOfIncorporation will contain “Bildat Datum”, and it will only be available in the refresh dataset.

What are the Registration and Incorporation Dates for a Company

Registration Date – the date when the company entered the register. To enter the register, a company has to provide a signed incorporation document, and therefore the registration date will be by default later than the incorporation date. Important to note here is that in some rare cases (eg: when the company was founded before the register went online), the registration date is the date when the company information was “uploaded” or added to the register.

Incorporation Date – the date when company’s incorporation document (Articles of Association, Partnership Agreement, etc.) was signed.