New original documents ready to be ordered

We are happy to share the news that since the beginning of March we have added new official and original documents to our offer.

The documents concern companies registered within Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They are retrieved in real time through the productOrder endpoint, using as country US-MA.

The following documents can be ordered via KYC API:

  • Registration Details (ADDOFMAUS) – always available;
  • Annual Report (ADDARMAUS) – not always available, but when available, could be ordered for on multiple years;
  • Articles of Association (ADDASMAUS)
  • – based on the legal form of the company, this can be one of the following original documents: ‘Articles of Organization’, ‘Certificate of Limited Partnership’, ‘Certificate of Limited Liability Partnership’, ‘Declaration of Trusts’, ‘Foreign Corporation Certificate’, ‘Certificate of Registration’, ‘Limited Partnership Certificate’, ‘Foreign Limited Partnership Registration’, ‘Application For Registration’, ‘Certificate of Organization’;

  • Official Filings (DOCOFMAUS) – various documents have been mapped under this SKU: ‘Certificate of Withdrawal’, ‘Articles of Amendment’, ‘Statement of Appointment of Registered Agent’, ‘Articles of Voluntary Dissolution’, ‘Certificate of Change of Directors or Officers’, ‘Articles of Entity Conversion’, ‘Certificate of Amendment’, ‘Certificate of Cancellation’,’Certificate of Consideration’, ‘Certificate of Consideration – Unregistered Foreign’, ‘Certificate of Merge’, ‘Certificate of Merge – Unregistered Foreign’, ‘Certificate of Resignation of Resident Agent’, ‘Reinstatement Following Administrative Dissolution’, ‘Restated Certificate of Organization’, ‘Statement of Change of Resident Agent/Resident Office’, ‘Statement of Change of Registered Agent/Registered Office’, ‘Statement of Resignation of Resident Agent’, ‘Administrative Dissolution’, ‘Application for Retrieval’.

    In order to retrieve the desired one, the option fillingNo should be filled in, using the product/order/:sku/:option endpoint.

 "options": [ 
            "date": "2007-12-31",
            "docId": "1677571542411",
            "fillingNo": "200704115950",
            "type": "OFFICIAL_FILINGS",
            "title": "Articles of Voluntary Dissolution"