New live connection – United Arab Emirates (AE)!

We are happy to announce that we have a new live connection. Since early November we are connected to the Ministry of Economy to get data in real-time about companies registered in the United Arab Emirates.

This new integration is available on KYC API only and the offered services are:

  • Live search by number (Economic Department License Number)
  • Live search by name, in English and Arabic
  • Refresh dataset
  • Register Details document

The data about the company contains various datapoints, including legalForm and providedStatus.

It is important to mention that the registrationNumber returned is comprised of the Economic Department (ED) License Number concatenated with the ED Branch, to avoid duplicity with entities from other EDs. Live search by number should be performed only with the ED License Number, without the ED Branch (live search by CBLS number is not supported). The CBLS number is presented as extraData.otherNumber.

Sample response for refresh dataset, for a live company:

    "id": "AEBA9DE7AB83596A50324211772090B1",
    "country": "AE",
    "registrationNumber": "1234 DSO",
    "name": "أم أس أس كونسالتنغ  م م ح",
    "status": "LIVE",
    "address": "DSO",
    "formattedAddress": null,
    "managingDirectors": [],
    "secretaries": [],
    "dateOfIncorporation": "",
    "legalForm": "FZE",
    "sicNaceCodes": [],
    "extraData": {
        "englishName": "MSS Consulting FZE",
        "otherNumber": "11443299",
        "providedStatus": "Active",
        "activity": "Management Consultancies",
        "phone": "9715633552300"
    "requestTime": 1668765279,
    "lastUpdate": 1668505005,
    "typeOfOwnership": [],
    "officialNumber": [
        "1234 DSO"
    "people": null,
    "mainSourceName": "Ministry of Economy",