New live connection – Israel (IL)!

We are happy to announce that we have a new live connection. Since early October we are connected to the Ministry of Justice, Israeli Corporations Authority, to get data in real-time about companies registered in Israel.

With this new integration the below functions are available:

  • on kompany web
    • Live Search by name in English and Hebrew
    • Company data
  • on API
    • Live search by number
    • Live search by name, in English and Hebrew
    • Refresh dataset

The data about the company contains various datapoints, including formattedAddress, legalForm, and providedStatus.

Sample response for refresh dataset, for a live company:

    "id": "FEEBFB58A7E59D3874160A3D5B3F9CF2",
    "country": "IL",
    "registrationNumber": "512455379",
    "name": "סופר טבע קל בע~מ",
    "status": "LIVE",
    "address": [
        "רמת גן",
        "דרך אבא הלל"
    "formattedAddress": {
        "zip": "5250607",
        "city": "רמת גן",
        "number": "14",
        "street": "דרך אבא הלל",
        "cc": "IL"
    "managingDirectors": [],
    "secretaries": [],
    "dateOfIncorporation": "1997-02-27",
    "legalForm": "ישראלית חברה פרטית",
    "sicNaceCodes": [],
    "extraData": {
        "providedStatus": "פעילה",
        "activity": "לעסוק בסוגי עיסוק שפורטו בתקנון",
        "otherName": "עו~ד צבי גרינגליק",
        "englishName": "SUPER TEVA KAL LTD"
    "requestTime": 1665740208,
    "lastUpdate": 1665740208,
    "typeOfOwnership": [],
    "officialNumber": [
    "mainSourceName": "Ministry of Justice, Israeli Corporations Authority",