New API extension to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR 

We are happy to inform you that we have expanded our connection to the United States of America (USA) with a new source via the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission – EDGAR public database.

The Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) system is a filing platform established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Designed to enhance efficiency and accessibility, EDGAR is the go-to resource for all corporate filings from mainly publicly traded companies. It accommodates 40,000 new filers per year on average and it contains millions of documents related to various entities and individuals, processing approximately 3,000 filings daily [1]. Now, with the integration in our API, this wealth of information is accessible to you with just a few clicks.

EDGAR data supplements our offering of real-time company data for US entities. The dataset retrieved from EDGAR is separate from state-level company register data. To retrieve entity register data for US entities, please use the usual format in countryCode (e.g., US-NY), while for EDGAR only US is needed.

This new integration is available only on KYC API v2 through an extension. The offered services are:

  • Search by name: with name (e.g., Tesla) and ticker (e.g., TSLA)
  • For the list of all available symbol tickers please refer to the company_tickers.json file directly on the SEC website. It’s important to note that not all available companies in the EDGAR database have a ticker symbol assigned, especially if the company is not publicly traded. In such cases, you may need to search using the company’s actual name or use the Central Index Key (CIK) in the number search.

  • Search by number: with the CIK number (e.g., 0001318605)
  • Refresh dataset
  • Within the refresh dataset registrationNumber refers to the CIK number.

  • Official Filings: productType = DOCOFSEUS
  • Please note that currently our API provides access to the most recent approximately 175 filings.

    The refresh response from the new connection will cover all the information below:

  • kompanyId
  • countryCode
  • registrationNumber
  • name
  • address
  • formattedAddress
  • ein
  • cikNumber
  • stockId
  • oldNames
  • phone
  • activityCodes
  • providerSpecificData.fiscalYearEnd
  • providerSpecificData.insiderTransactionForOwnerExists
  • providerSpecificData.insiderTransactionForIssuerExists
  • providerSpecificData.category
  • providerSpecificData.stateOfIncorporationDescription
  • providerSpecificData.entityType
  • Refresh sample

    curl --location '' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'user_key: {secret}'

        "datasetId": "7F02ABE2D8F9C8936ACF996F199AE9B1",
        "kompanyId": "28AEC9927DCDB96D773160B262BDD798",
        "datasetName": "refresh",
        "datasetOptions": [],
        "info": null,
        "status": "COMPLETED",
        "requestTime": "2023-09-20T13:36:12+00:00",
        "responseTime": "2023-09-20T13:36:12+00:00",
        "estimatedDeliverySeconds": 0,
        "content": {
            "kompanyId": "28AEC9927DCDB96D773160B262BDD798",
            "countryCode": "US",
            "countryName": "United States of America",
            "registrationNumber": "0001318605",
            "name": "Tesla, Inc.",
            "status": "NOT REPORTED",
            "providedStatus": null,
            "address": "3500 DEER CREEK RD PALO ALTO 94304 CA",
            "additionalData": {
                "formattedAddress": {
                    "addressLine1": "3500 DEER CREEK RD",
                    "city": "PALO ALTO",
                    "zip": "94304",
                    "state": "CA",
                    "country": "US"
                "otherIdentifiers": {
                    "localNumber": "0001318605",
                    "ein": "912197729",
                    "cikNumber": "0001318605",
                    "stockId": [
                "otherNames": {
                    "oldNames": [
                        "TESLA MOTORS INC"
                "contactInformation": {
                    "contactAddress": "3500 DEER CREEK RD PALO ALTO 94304 CA",
                    "phone": [
            "associatedEntities": {
                "shareholders": [],
                "officers": [],
                "ultimateBeneficialOwners": []
            "industryActivityCode": {
                "activityCodes": [
                    "3711 - Motor Vehicles & Passenger Car Bodies"
            "providerSpecificData": {
                "exchange": [
                "fiscalYearEnd": "1231",
                "insiderTransactionForOwnerExists": "0",
                "insiderTransactionForIssuerExists": "1",
                "category": "Large accelerated filer",
                "stateOfIncorporationDescription": "DE",
                "entityType": "operating"
            "sources": [
                    "name": "U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION - EDGAR",
                    "info": null,
                    "primary": true,
                    "fields": [
                    "lastCheckedTime": "2023-09-20T13:36:12+00:00"

    To request a filing for a certain company in the EDGAR database via our API, it is necessary to follow the usual steps by calling the product/order endpoints:

  • Retrieve the list of possible products with kompanyId and productType = DOCOFSEUS for a certain entity using the product search endpoint.
  • Place a product order for a certain filing with the productOptionId using the product order endpoint.
  • Retrieve information of a certain purchased product order with the orderId using the product order retrieval endpoint.
  • Retrieve the order file content (PDF) using the product content retrieval endpoint.
  • Reference