KYC API Developer Portal is live

kompany is proud to announce that the KYC API Dev Portal is stepping out of the shadows and the initial MVP version is out and is made made available to selected customers starting February 2022

The kompany KYC API Developer portal is aiming to make developers’ work integrating the API significantly easier.
The initial release of the Developer Portal comes with some interesting new features:

New UI and UXD

With the Developer Portal we have implemented a whole new User Experience which should make it a whole lot easier to find information quickly and get familiar with our API capabilities on all levels

A Quick Start Guide and a whole set of new tutorials

The Developer Portal also is pre-filled with a starting set of documentations and guides to make your integration life easier. Head over to the Guides section and browse through selected guides which will walk you through some key use cases for using the KYC API. More guides will be continuously added

Mobile browser support

The Developer Portal also supports mobile browsers for guide reading and similar scenarios. There are some display limitations around Console or Plan sign-up and modification which we are aware of, but basic functionalities are also supported on even the smallest screens

Register & API Connection Check

The Developer Portal also includes a powerful Connections Board where you can assess any issues known with current connections to registers as well as checking the health of our API itself in the API Status

Happy Curl-ing !