Integration with the Latvian UBO Register

We are pleased to announce further expansion of our UBO register network. As of March 2023, our integration with the Latvian UBO Register is available to all our users. This means that you now have access to Ultimate Beneficial Owners data coming directly from the Latvian UBO register.

Beneficial Owners data can be accessed:

  • using KYC API, by ordering either the beneficial_owners dataset or the Beneficial Owners Check (SKU: ADDTRRELV;
  • or, where the access to the document is enabled.

The source for the Latvian connection to the UBO register is: Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia (Latvijas Republikas Uznemumu registrs.

The UBO register coverage of all integrated jurisdictions can be found in the UBO registers guide section.

Please see below a json example of the Beneficial Owners dataset:

  "id": "",
  "country": "LV",
  "registrationNumber": "",
  "name": "",
  "status": "LIVE",
  "address": [
  "formattedAddress": {
    "city": "",
    "zip": "",
    "street": "",
    "number": "",
    "extra": "",
    "cc": ""
  "managingDirectors": [],
  "secretaries": [],
  "dateOfIncorporation": "",
  "legalForm": "",
  "sicNaceCodes": [],
  "extraData": {},
  "typeOfOwnership": [],
  "beneficialOwner": [
      "name": "",
      "personalID": "",
      "isCorporate": "",
      "startDate": "",
      "type": "",
      "dateOfBirth": "",
      "nationality": "",
      "residenceCountry": "