Integration with the German Transparency Register

We are pleased to announce further expansion of our register network. As of April 2022, our integration with the German Transparency Register will be available to all our API users. This means that you will now have access to Ultimate Beneficial Owners data coming directly from the German UBO register (Transparenzregister).

Two types of sources are available:
  • under the Product Name (SKU) ADDTRTRDE the pdf extract of Beneficial Owners Check can be reached
  • and structured data is provided through our extraction endpoint, detailed information can be found in the Docs section.

Please note that the delivery time of the German document can be up to a business day. Check up-to-date information in this article in our Docs section.

Important to note that ensuring the network integrity, no batch processing should be done regarding the German Beneficial Owners Check (ADDTRTRDE) product.

Stay tuned for more country integration announcements in the near future.