Integration with Czech Republic

We are pleased to announce further expansion of our register network. As of February 2022, our integration with the Czech Republic will be available to all our API users. This means that you will now have access to two major sources in the country – the Commercial Register and Trade Register – and in turn more real-time, trustworthy company information.
You can expect new access to a variety of datasets, shareholder information (for those with access to UBO discovery), the most up-to-date documents filed at the register and our ongoing monitoring feature for companies throughout the Czech Republic.

Our team is dedicated to making the verification of entity identities throughout and beyond the European Union, an easier and more streamlined task. Although establishing real-time access to different jurisdictions is in no way a simple feat, we are dedicated to providing your teams with the highest quality data and documents for even the most thorough anti-money laundering and beneficial ownership checks.

Stay tuned for more country integration announcements in the near future.