IMPORTANT NOTICE: Upcoming Change to KYC API Responses

We would like to inform you about an upcoming change that will affect the response headers. This change is considered minor and requires no immediate action from your end. However, we kindly request all KYC API users to review their client-side implementation.


All KYC API responses (both api-v1 and api-v2)


  • The response header will now include as a new item : X-request-ID.
  • The following response headers will no longer be included:
    • X-Brex-auth
    • X-Brex-user-key
    • X-Powered-By

While this change is not expected to disrupt your current integration, it is essential to ensure that your client-side implementation is compatible with the updated response headers. Please take the necessary steps to verify and adjust your code accordingly.

If you encounter any issues or require further assistance during this transition, please reach out to our support team: We are here to help and ensure a smooth transition for you and your application.