Greece (GR) is our new connection in Europe 

What did we integrate?

We are happy to announce that Commercial register of Greece: ​​ΚΕΝΤΡΙΚΗ ΕΝΩΣΗ ΕΠΙΜΕΛΗΤΗΡΙΩΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ (Central Association of Chambers of Commerce in Greece), was integrated expanding our current coverage portfolio.

The connection contains 13 legal types:

  • Societe Anonyme (Anonymous Etaireia – AE)
  • General Partnership (Omorythmos Eteria – OE)
  • Limited Liability Cooperative Society
  • Limited Partnership (Eterorythmos Eteria – EE)
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Cooperative
  • Private Company (Idiotiki Kefaleouhiki Eteria – IKE)
  • European Company (SE)
  • Consortium
  • Sole Proprietorship (Idiotiki Epihirisi)
  • Association of Persons
  • Limited Liability Shipping Company
  • The Social Cooperative Enterprise
  • Why did we integrate?

    Given the growing number of customer inquiries about the inclusion of this register, as well as our commitment to enhancing our coverage and providing the best possible service to our clients.

    How can you use Greek integration?

    The Greek connection is available only on KYC API v1 and v2.

    Search by number: with name (i.e. 171496045000)

    Search by name: with name (i.e. ALPHA ALPHA Ο.Ε.)

    Refresh dataset

    The refresh response from the new connection will cover all the information below:

  • kompanyId
  • countryCode
  • countryName
  • name
  • status
  • providedStatus
  • address
  • legalForm
  • contactInformation
  • shares
  • incorporationDate
  • registrationDate
  • shareholders
  • officers
  • Refresh sample


    curl --location '' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'user_key: {secret}'


        "datasetId": "7AB6428C505CAE06361B5578CEB4787D", 
        "kompanyId": "6C643C1A61C88AD109500EFB9F6D404B", 
        "datasetName": "refresh", 
        "datasetOptions": null, 
        "info": null, 
        "status": "COMPLETED", 
        "requestTime": "2024-01-17T07:47:04+00:00", 
        "responseTime": "2024-01-17T07:47:05+00:00", 
        "estimatedDeliverySeconds": 0, 
        "content": { 
            "kompanyId": "6C643C1A61C88AD109500EFB9F6D404B", 
            "countryCode": "GR", 
            "countryName": "Greece", 
            "registrationNumber": "171496045000", 
            "name": "ALPHA ALPHA Ο.Ε.", 
            "status": "LIVE", 
            "providedStatus": "Ενεργή", 
            "address": "ΑΡΙΣΤΟΜΕΝΟΥΣ ΚΑΛΑΜΑΤΑ 24133 1 ΚΑΛΑΜΑΤΑΣ / ΜΕΣΣΗΝΙΑΣ", 
            "legalForm": "ΟΕ", 
            "additionalData": { 
                "formattedAddress": { 
                    "street": "ΑΡΙΣΤΟΜΕΝΟΥΣ", 
                    "city": "ΚΑΛΑΜΑΤΑ", 
                    "zip": "24133", 
                    "number": "1", 
                    "extra": "ΚΑΛΑΜΑΤΑΣ / ΜΕΣΣΗΝΙΑΣ" 
                "otherIdentifiers": { 
                    "localNumber": "171496045000" 
                "contactInformation": { 
                    "email": "", 
                    "phone": [ 
                "shares": { 
                    "shareCapitals": "3000", 
                    "shareCurrency": "EUR" 
                "legalEvents": { 
                    "incorporationDate": "2023-07-06", 
                    "registrationDate": "06/07/2023" 
            "associatedEntities": { 
                "shareholders": [ 
                        "name": "ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ ΑΛΟΙΜΟΝΟΣ", 
                        "registrationNumber": "300181", 
                        "role": "shareholder", 
                        "providedRole": "Ομόρρυθμο Μέλος & Διαχειριστής", 
                        "isCorporate": false, 
                        "sharePercentage": 99 
                        "name": "ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΑ ΜΠΑΚΑ", 
                        "registrationNumber": "957778", 
                        "role": "shareholder", 
                        "providedRole": "Ομόρρυθμο Μέλος", 
                        "isCorporate": false, 
                        "sharePercentage": 1 
                        "name": "ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ ΑΛΕΞΕΑΣ", 
                        "registrationNumber": "1914126", 
                        "role": "shareholder", 
                        "providedRole": "Ομόρρυθμο Μέλος, Διαχειριστής & Εκπρόσωπος", 
                        "isCorporate": false, 
                        "sharePercentage": 50 
                "officers": [] 
            "industryActivityCode": [], 
            "providerSpecificData": { 
                "latestAccounts": { 
                    "overdue": false 
            "sources": [ 
                    "name": "ΚΕΝΤΡΙΚΗ ΕΝΩΣΗ ΕΠΙΜΕΛΗΤΗΡΙΩΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ (Central Association of Chambers of Commerce in Greece)", 
                    "info": null, 
                    "primary": true, 
                    "fields": [ 
                    "lastCheckedTime": "2024-01-17T07:47:05+00:00" 
            "version": "company-v2.0" 

    Ordering a document

    Our connection offers Articles of Association (ADDASGMGR),Annual Accounts (ADDAAGMGR), and Other Official Filings (DOCOFGMGR) in Greek language. To request it please follow the usual steps by calling the product/order endpoints:

  • Retrieve the list of possible products with kompanyId and productType = ADDASGMGR for a certain entity using the product search endpoint.
  • Place a product order for a certain filing with the productOptionId using the product order endpoint.
  • Retrieve information of a certain purchased product order with the orderId using the product order retrieval endpoint (Retrieving the order can take up to 24 hours after placing it).
  • Retrieve the order file content (PDF) using the product content retrieval endpoint.
  • Useful links

  • If you cannot find specific document type, check if you can order it via KYB Assist order endpoint.
  • To understand how API v2 works check our one pager.
  • Visit our Work with Endpoints section in GUIDES in case you need help with navigating across our endpoints portfolio.
  • If you would like to provide us with feedback or you have a question related to this connection, contact us here: