Cyprus (CY) – Updates on original documents

We are happy to share the news that since the beginning of March we have updated the mapping of the original documents that we get from The Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver (D.R.C.O.R.) – Cyprus.

    The availability of the documents depends on the company type. For business name, partnerships and overseas companies, we don’t offer these documents, but we do for limited companies, depending on their status.

      The following documents can be ordered via KYC API and KYC workspace:

      • Registration Details (ADDOFGCCY) – available if the company status is either LIVE or CLOSE. If the status is LIVE, we offer the ‘Certificate of Good Standing’, and if the status is CLOSE, we offer the ‘Certificate of Striking Off’;
      • Shareholder List(ADDSLGCCY) – available no matter the status of the company (in original – ‘Certificate of Shareholders’)

      And only for KYC workspace we offer:

      • Official Filings(DOCOFGCCY) – two documents are mapped under this SKU: ‘Certificate of Directors’ only available if the company is status LIVE and a overseas company or a Limited company, and also the ‘Certified copy of certificate of incorporation’.